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Post Munch Reviews

"The ONLY granola I contemplate eating all on its own! I'm telling you, there has to be a secret to how More Granola gets these clusters packed with tons of flavour and the granola itself is not as dry and brittle in comparison to mainstream brands. I truly do enjoy ripping open a fresh bag of these clusters and absolutely love eating it as a light snack."

"It's the definition of a food with no brakes. You start nibbling and then the whole thing is gone before you know it! Completely delicious."

"This is the most delicious Granola ever: simple, all-natural ingredients and gluten-free. I'm thrilled to finally have something to look forward to for breakfast: with yogurt or fruit, so healthy, so yummy, such fabulous, fun flavors (Pecan Pie!!). Also a healthy mid-day snack instead of cookies or crackers, this Granola is a treasured find and a household staple. Excellent customer service too."

"Oh my goodness, it is SO good. I love how big the chunks of granola are. It is so tasty, but the ingredient list is so clean!"

"I am not a granola fan usually, but this was really, really delicious. Loved the big chunks, it was much more satisfying than the looser styles. Also really enjoyed how it had whole pecans in there, they were perfectly toasted and the sweetness level was just right (usually why I avoid granola, I find them too cloyingly sweet)."

"The best granola I've ever had! - No joke! Every order is so fresh and delicious, it's hard not to eat it all in one sitting! The variety of flavours offered keeps it exciting, rather than just having one standard granola every day. The added bonus is that it's healthy too!"