Loaded Hot Chocolate

Loaded Hot Chocolate

Warm, rich, and with a fun crunchy twist, this decadent Hot Chocolate recipe will WOW your dinner party guests when it comes time for dessert OR prove as the ultimate cozy afternoon-treat while decorating your tree! Whenever you choose to indulge, this recipe is a must-try.

Loaded Hot Chocolate with a Crunchy Twist



Loaded Hot Chocolate Recipe More Granola

The talented photographer, recipe developer and content creator ALXEATS has created a serious upgrade to packaged hot cocoa mixes with this simple, yet spectacular, treat. The recipe makes 2 servings but will is completely scalable. With just 6 ingredients you'll find yourself making this on repeat all winter long!

In an inspired moment, Alex decided to use our Hot Cocoa chunks instead of a biscotti to add a crunchy treat to munch as you sip. In Alex's words: 

"Oh and don’t skip out on the granola garnish - it's more of a main ingredient if you ask me. The combination of More Granola crunchy Hot Cocoa Granola chunks dipped into a warm hot chocolate dripping in whip cream!!! I mean c’mon it’s literally Christmas in a cup."

Made by the incredible ALXEATS team! You can find more of Alex's jaw dropping (and mouth-watering) work, check out their website here and be sure to follow along on IG for more delicious inspiration!





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  • Alisha

    So delish!!

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