Dessert Charcuterie

Dessert Charcuterie

Gather your besties and try this yummy treat for your next cozy movie night-in!❤️⁠

We are OBSESSED with this delicious idea! Melt your favourite kind of chocolate, get some fresh fruit, whipped cream (or yogurt) - oh and of course, our CHUNKS! A perfectly sweet grazing board to munch the night away.

Dessert Charcuterie Board

Recipe by Jaclyn Irwin is a new kind of online recipe website geared toward diets, allergies, illnesses and conditions. They have a hand-crafted filtering system of over 900 ingredients and over 40 conditions, —thoughtfully put together by their team of nutritionists. They have 3 delicious recipes using More Granola you can check out on their website here!

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