☕Fill Your Cup up First, Mama

☕Fill Your Cup up First, Mama
I’m very much a creature of habit. I love creating habits and routines that enable me to show up and be the best version of myself and best mama that I can be for my daughter, Cara.
I’m Gill! I’m a first-time mom to my 11-month-old daughter, and the owner of Barre with Gill, where I specialize in prenatal/postnatal barre fitness programs and classes.
Through being busy, and more of an “on-the-go” mom, I’ve learned the importance of creating mindful habits and routines that fuel me and fill my cup up so that I can continue to feel energized and motivated.
As moms, we often hear how beneficial it can be to create habits for our littles, but why not create habits for ourselves, too?
When my postpartum clients or friends of mine ask “what’s the one piece of advice you have for first time moms?”, I would have to say it’s finding and creating a morning routine that you *love*. Not only does this set you up for the day, but it also ensures you’re filling up your cup first thing so that you can show up and be the best possible version of yourself and best mama that you can be to your kiddo(s).
I’m not naturally a morning person, so when I became a mom, I knew this would be extra important for me.
My morning routine usually goes like this (I say usually because we’re all human and are not going to be consistent every single day… especially as a mom. Pro tip - give yourself grace. Having “off” days is totally normal)!
  1. Wake up around 6:30/7. Brush my teeth, quick makeup and hair (for me, having my makeup and hair done makes me feel good. I know not everyone is the same, but it's just something that I like to prioritize), get dressed for the day, and make our bed.
  2. Go downstairs to my kitchen, make a latte (Nespresso Bianco Leggero with frothed milk is my absolute favourite) and a quick breakfast. I don’t overcomplicate it. I grab some yogurt, (I like plain) some fruit or berries (I always make sure to have my fruit and berries washed/cut/ready-to-go so it makes it just that much easier) and top it with More Granola. Pecan Pie, or Salted Caramel are typically the ones that I grab the most (so delicious!!!).
  3. At this point, Cara is usually starting to wake up. She will sleep until 7:30/7:45 on a good day, so I’ll go upstairs and get her ready for the day. We come downstairs, I’ll make her breakfast and we’ll enjoy our breakfasts together.
While this is what works for me, it’s important to remember that this type of morning routine may not work for you; so, I want you to hone in and find what does! Ask yourself - what can I do to fill my cup up first thing in the mornings?
Some other pieces of advice I have for new moms:
⁃ Always have snacks and water easily accessible. For me, this means having a bag of More Granola always close by. I keep a bag in both my car and my diaper bag, so that when I’m in need of a quick snack, I know I can grab it and munch on some. It’s delicious and nutritious so it keeps me full for longer.
⁃ Write down a to-do list and then number those items in order of how you would like to complete them throughout the day. I love numbering tasks as it keeps me focused on the task at hand, versus looking at my to-do list and feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.
One thing that I learned from my grandma was to always take one thing off of your to-do list every day - simply move it to tomorrow or for a later date! It’s important to have flexibility (as a mama especially) and if you can recognize that it’s okay to shift things around and that you don’t always need to accomplish every. single. thing. on your to-do list, then you’re already 10 steps ahead!
Find grace in the uncertainty and cherish all of the moments. The good, the bad, the ugly. Flow through the ebbs and flows. Practice patience. You’re doing an amazing job, mama!
Happy Mother’s Day and thank you to MORE for helping me fill my cup up.
🤍 Gill
Gillian is an Ottawa-based, certified barre instructor, who specializes in pre/postnatal fitness. She is passionate about educating her clients, and emphasizes the importance of mindful movement. Check out Barre with Gill here!

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