Hi there! I'm Sarah and I am granola obsessed. 

Founder Startup Story
An avid granola eater from a young age, I always struggled to find a brand producing fresh, chunky granola made of real ingredients. I used to buy boxes of granola, only to pick out the chunks to snack on. I could never understand why those bigger pieces were so rare, when they were so clearly the best part of the box!

After years of developing my signature recipe, I decided to launch the product I was missing: an extra-chunky granola that tastes like a treat. More Granola's signature chunks make it easy to eat right out of the bag, while also having the flexibility to break up and eat by the spoonful.

I believe food that’s fun to eat can also be food that’s good for you to eat. More Granola was born out of the desire to strike a balance between indulgence and nutrition. I'm passionate about helping people eat MORE. of the things they love, and want them to feel great doing it!

I love sharing a product I know is both nutritious and insanely delicious. From my kitchen to yours, I hope that you'll look forward to munching on MORE. as much as I do!

❤ Sarah